Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven
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  • Item #: 40848
  • Manufacturer: Vollrath

Provide fresh baked pizzeria-style pizzas with this countertop version of a pizzeria deck oven. The even heat of the hearth stones and the
higher temperature capability of this oven combine to make crisp, light, evenly-baked pizzas. Fresh hearth-baked pizzas create a distinct presentation
and command a higher price than pizzas made in a countertop wire rack pizza oven.

  • Stainless steel exterior and interior for durability and
    easy cleaning
  • Oven supplied with two ceramic bake decks for crisp, even
    browning of crust and breads
  • Fifteen-minute timer function
  • Shelf size: 1712" (44.45 cm) x 1712" (44.45 cm)
  • 212" (6.35 cm) between shelves
  • 208 Volts, 2100 Watts, 10.1 Amps, 6-15P
  • 240 Volts, 2800 Watts, 11.7 Amps, 6-15P
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Price $1,139.00